Premium-class apartments in the Dom “Dostigenie”

Outstanding house
near outstanding parks
House of grand architecture surrounded
with endless parks which suit any taste
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all-round view
Admire the sea of greenery from your balcony
or terrace.
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House with a promenade
and a fountain
Comfortable promenade with greening and a fountain
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landscaped yard
An impressive dale courtyard for residents only!
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House of grand architecture
surrounded with endless parks which suit any taste
The Dostigenie house is an architectural event of modern Moscow. The proximity to the VDNKh park, one of the most striking examples of monumental architecture, inspired us to create a project in tune with its spirit.
minutes to the
largest green
woodland of Moscow
One needs to make a 5-minute walk from the house to one of the biggest green areas in Moscow with a total area of 651 hectares: a cozy park "Dubovaya Roshcha", renovated classic park "Ostankino", the most visited park in Russia “VDNKh” with the unique architecture, entertainments and the largest artificial ice rink in Moscow , as well as the largest Botanical garden in Europe, which looks more like a real forest.
Close to the city center
The location of the Dostigenie house is unique. In Moscow
there are almost no places left where you can live surrounded by parks,
at the same time, close to the city center: only
3 metro stations or 15 minutes by car to Tsvetnoy boulevard.
3 stations
to Tsvetnoy Boulevard
The outstanding house Dostigenie is located an 8-minute walk from the metro station "Butyrskaya". Make only 3 stations from it - and you are on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.
One step to the station
You need a 2-minute walk from the house to reach the Ostankino railway station and get to Komsomolskaya metro station in just 2 stops.
Sadovoe is nearby
If you travel by car, you can reach the Garden Ring in 15 minutes.
Outstanding beauty

The architecture of the Dostigenie house is executed in the solemn and at the same time graceful Art Deco style, which, like the Stalinist Empire style, was formed as a result of the development of the Chicago school ideas.

But we did not recreate the Stalinist skyscraper, but built a house reflecting the new era of human achievements.

High quality materials are used in the decoration of the facades. A gradient color stretch from dark at the bottom to light at the top creates the illusion of building facades dissolving into the clouds.

by endless parks
of woodland zones
The house stands on the shores of the 651 hectares' green sea, so the air is clean here, as if you live outside the city.
walk at a leisurely
Ostankino Park with a noble estate of the 18th-19th centuries, the largest botanical garden in Europe, and VDNKh - the most visited place for recreation and entertainment in Russia are located near the house. In addition, an own landscaped dale courtyard of 1.7 hectares area was created on the territory.
Jog in the morning, ride a bike, walk the dog, do yoga to birdsong music, or simply enjoy the fresh air and strolls in well-cared parks among centuries-old trees a stone's throw from home.
Botanical garden
Living next to infrastructure, entertainments
and cultural events in the center of Moscow and at the same time close
to parks and forests

We treat the public spaces of the house "Dostizhenie" with special attention, therefore they harmoniously complement the apartments, as a part of a single whole.

We treat the public spaces of the Dostigenie house with special attention, therefore they harmoniously complement the apartments, as a part of a single whole. There are a fitness club Fit Lab for residents only, a sports area with a universal playground and workout equipment, an on-site kindergarten, a Kid’s Lab standard development playground. In a separate building, a Clubhouse has been created with a rich infrastructure: neighbourhood centre Friend’s Lab with an open terrace that has no analogues not in a single courtyard of Moscow, children's activity room Kid’s Lab with the area of 250 sq.m.

of landscaped
The landscaped courtyard of the Dostigenie house is the main center of attraction for residents. On the area of 1.7 hectares, a cozy relief park has been created, resembling a picturesque valley with flowering shrubs, mature trees, meadow grasses, paths, benches, alcoves, decorative porticos and soft evening lighting. There are no cars, shops or strangers here, so a cozy resting space belongs only to you and your neighbors.
Everything for children

On the territory of the Dostigenie house and next to it, there are so many options for learning, development and games of young residents that you will not be able to get around everything in a whole year. Children will be amused!

Take a walk in the open air in Ostankino Park, study plants in Botanical Garden, learn about spaceships, robots and other human achievements at VDNKh.


In the courtyard of the house "Dostizhenie" there is a private kindergarten for the diversified development of children. The school number 1236 named. S. V. Milashenkova, which ranks 69th out of 1,700 schools in Moscow, is just a 10-minute walk away.

A bright accent of the courtyard of the house "Dostizhenie" is a developing playground and a children's play club with the area of 250 sq.m., created according to the Kid's Lab standard from Sminex. At the sports field in the courtyard one can play badminton, volleyball, mini-football and basketball.

Everything for sport
and health

The Dostigenie house gives residents unlimited opportunities for sports and the healthy lifestyle - both on the territory of the house and close to it.

Thanks to the wind rose and the abundance of greenery, the Ostankino region has a favorable ecology. The Dostigenie house is the only place in Moscow near the center, where 651 hectares of woodland zones are located 300 meters from the House. In summer, you will have access to many kilometers of picturesque walking and cycling trails that run between centuries-old trees and waters. In winter - ski trails and the world's largest ice rink in the VDNKh park.

sq. meters
of free
fitness club

The house has its own free fitness club, a multifunctional sports field with workout equipment and areas for group sports. In addition, several largest sports complexes in Moscow are located a 5-minute drive from the Dostigenie house.

In addition to the various sports infrastructure, when designing the house, we provided a full range of comfort systems so that pure drinking water runs from the tap, and the air in the apartment is fresh and free of city dust.

Comfort systems

We installed filtration, air ventilation and water purification systems, thought out special places for placing external units of air conditioners in order to preserve the architectural appearance of the house.


The combination of forced supply and exhaust ventilation allows the air in your apartment to be renewed every hour, and in the cold season to heat up before entering the house. Our own boiler room will provide you with hot water all year round, and thanks to the purification system, drinking water flows from the tap.

Wide selection
In the Dostigenie house we have collected a set of unique apartments.
115 planning conceptions: euro-layouts with a kitchen-dinner or a separate kitchen,
cozy studios ranging from 24 sq.m, spacious apartments with wood burning fireplaces and penthouses
with 6.5 meter ceilings, terraces and stunning views of the city and forest.

Each type of apartment has several formats: from compact (S) to spacious (XL). The table below shows the sizes of flats of different formats and quantity of bedrooms. Choose what is suitable for you.

Layout concepts
Number of bedrooms
S 25 – 32 m2
25 – 32 m2 4 flats for sale
1 36 – 62 m2
36 – 62 m2 15 flats for sale
37 – 63 m2
37 – 63 m2 26 flats for sale
44 – 66 m2
44 – 66 m2 10 flats for sale
47 – 83 m2
47 – 83 m2 55 flats for sale
2 60 – 63 m2
60 – 63 m2 12 flats for sale
62 – 79 m2
62 – 79 m2 21 flat for sale
67 – 87 m2
67 – 87 m2 22 flats for sale
70 – 110 m2
70 – 110 m2 23 flats for sale
3 79 – 82 m2
79 – 82 m2 4 flats for sale
87 – 89 m2
87 – 89 m2 2 flats for sale
97 – 100 m2
97 – 100 m2 8 flats for sale
109 – 156 m2
109 – 156 m2 6 flats for sale
4 109 – 110 m2
109 – 110 m2 2 flats for sale
156 m2
156 m2 1 flat for sale
121 – 125 m2
121 – 125 m2 3 flats for sale
Outstanding location