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Смотреть 3D-тур Смотреть 3D-тур
Смотреть 3D-тур Смотреть 3D-тур
Смотреть 3D-тур Смотреть 3D-тур
Смотреть 3D-тур Смотреть 3D-тур
Смотреть 3D-тур Смотреть 3D-тур
Смотреть 3D-тур Смотреть 3D-тур
Outstanding beauty
The architecture of the house is meant to celebrate and emphasize
achievements of its inhabitants.

The architecture of the house "Achievement" is executed in the solemn and at the same time graceful ar-deco style, which, like the Stalinist Empire style, was formed as a result of the development of the Chicago school ideas.

But we did not recreate the Stalinist skyscraper, but built a house reflecting the new era of human achievements.

Soaring peaks, elegant decor, graceful decorative elements of balconies, arches, cornices and risalits, large panoramic windows and natural materials of the facades - each element emphasizes the status and beauty of the house.

The "Achievement" will become a new architectural dominant of the Marfino and Ostankino districts. Due to its height and memorable architecture, the house will be one of the most noticeable and recognizable, it will be seen from everywhere.


The architecture of the house is intended to celebrate and highlight the achievements of its inhabitants. Panoramic views open from the windows of the apartments, you can observe the vastness of green parks, the surface of the Ostankino pond and the city center shimmering with lights.

High quality materials are used in the decoration of the facades: natural stone, clinker tiles and stemalite.

“The natural beauty of natural materials is emphasized
with art deco ornaments. Brick gradient color stretch
from dark below to light above creates the illusion of dissolving
in the clouds and uprushing. Monumental
and expressive architecture, location next to the largest
parks, private landscaped courtyard, thoroughly designed
planning solutions and modern engineering systems - this house
is created for those who are looking for comfortable and modern housing"
the chief architect of the project
Views from the windows
There are no high-rise buildings around, so you can observe the vastness of green parks near the house, admire the Ostankino TV tower directed into the sky and the flickering lights of the city center.
parks from your
The close proximity to VDNKh, the romance of Stalin's Empire style and Chicago architecture served as the inspiration for the creation of this outstanding house. The "Achievement" will be different from most standard new buildings. Everything in it is thought out to the smallest detail so that you enjoy every day spent in it.

We believe that beauty is a necessary part of absolute comfort. Therefore, all elements of the interior design of the house - from the hall to the parking area - continue the style of the facade design.

The house "Achievement" stands out noticeably against the background of its surroundings, impressive with its architectural originality and visual harmony. But we are obsessed with beauty, so we didn't stop at facades.

Everything in the project is just pleasure to an eye: underground parking, entry, lobby. For this we have recruited the best architects and designers. All internal elements are made in the same style as the house and harmoniously complement its architecture. An lobby has a fireplace, a reception with friendly concierges, a seating area with sofas and armchairs, a bathroom, a stroller with an automatic door. Walls and elevator halls are decorated with brass decorative elements, dark accent elements are used. They go well with designer furniture, fireplaces and lighting.
hectares is the area
of landscaped

On an area of almost 2 hectares, a picturesque dale courtyard with a terraced slope has been created, in which meadow grasses, shrubs and many mature trees grow. The unusual relief and modern landscaping of the courtyard continue the trends of European park art.

Thanks to the extraordinary landscape solution, the dale courtyard is a quiet green oasis, hidden from the noise of the streets and prying eyes. There are no cars, shops or people here.

Public spaces