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Thoughtful apartments
There are no high-rise buildings around, so
o you can observe the vastness of green parks near the house,
admire the Ostankino TV tower directed into the sky
and the flickering lights of the city center.
Unique choice
of comfortable apartments

In the house "Dostizhenie" we have put together an outstanding collection of unique apartments. 115 designed layouts: from popular Euro-layouts with a kitchen-dinner, cozy studios ranging from 23 sq.m. to spacious apartments with wood-burning fireplaces and penthouses with 6.5 meters ceilings, terraces and breathtaking views of the city!

A team of specialists worked on the ergonomics of the layouts to make the space of the apartments comfortable and every square meter was functional. Separate storage rooms (cellars) are provided for storing seasonal and bulky items.

Thanks to the large windows, the apartment will always have a lot of natural light. Most apartments also have balconies so you can enjoy the views.

types of apartments
The pride of Sminex is smart layouts with advanced ergonomics. Each apartment from the very beginning is designed with an optimal planning solution in accordance with the image lifestyle of a particular type of family - up to the arrangement of furniture. We take into consideration important features that enhance the comfort of living, such as a master bedroom with its own bathroom and dressing room, a separate laundry room and a spacious kitchen-dinner. Therefore, there are no useless square meters in our apartments. Meticulously working out planning solutions in search of the best options, we make sure that the apartment is the most comfortable and cozy space in the world, where everything is in its place, and unnecessary movements are minimized.
A unique format that is found only in premium projects. Such apartments are presented only on the last three floors of the house "Achievement”; therefore, stunning views are provided. A real wood-burning fireplace will fill the space with coziness of a country mansion, so the living room will become a place of attraction for the whole family.
A bay window is a decoration of any apartment. The windows provide a panoramic view, and one of the walls practically dissolves in the room, the boundaries of the room "broaden". The ability to look in three directions gives the sense of freedom, makes the interior unique, increases the interior space, filling it with light. Due to large windows extending beyond the facade, nothing stands in the way of enjoying the splendid views.
There are such apartments only at one end of the house which overlooks the parks. You do not have to make a painful choice from several equally attractive options, because you can enjoy beautiful views of the Ostankino tower, and the endless sea of green spaces, and your own landscaped courtyard from this flat. These spacious apartments even have windows in the bathroom and cloakroom.
We know which part of the apartment will become your favorite place! The window in the bathroom will turn the usual water procedures into a real ritual. In the morning you will be charged with the energy of the first sun rays and admire the view of the courtyard, and in the evening, you will enjoy a warm bath and the panorama of the city at night.
These unusual apartments are located on the 2nd floor of the building. Each of them has an exit from the living room or bedroom to its own terrace, which will become a favorite place for morning coffee, family dinners and social gatherings. The atmosphere of a country house will be complemented by singing of birds and the rustle of the foliage of the trees planted in front of your windows.
Blooming plants create comfort in every home. For apartments on the 4th floor, we have provided spaces for placing flower pots on the decorative belt of the facade. To keep the plants always fragrant and bright, the planter has a metal decorative box with perforation for water drainage. Create your own garden in your apartment!
meters is
the ceiling height

The most prestigious, upper floors of the "Dostizhenie" house are occupied by penthouses with ceilings up to 6.5 m and their own terraces. This is a space for lovers of luxury and privacy.

Panoramic windows open up unique views of the endless expanses of green parks, the Ostankino TV tower directed into the sky and the twinkling lights of the night city.

When you are at home, you will feel the advantage of living close to the center without losing your connection with nature.

Each penthouse has a terrace where you can enjoy a quiet breakfast, play outdoors with your child or have a barbecue. In the warm evenings, you can receive guests and arrange parties, and in the winter season - spend cozy family evenings near the wood-burning fireplace in the living room.

Choice of apartments
Residents of the house have access to incredible luxury for a city dweller: you can have breakfast with the first rays
of the warm sun and receive guests on the open terrace, and in the cold season - spend
evenings full of comfort and tranquility, near your own wood-burning fireplace.

Each type of apartment has several formats: from compact (S) to spacious (XL). The table below shows the sizes of flats of different formats and quantity of bedrooms. Choose what is suitable for you.

Layout concepts
Number of bedrooms
S 25 – 32 m2
25 – 32 m2 6 flats for sale
1 36 – 49 m2
36 – 49 m2 20 flats for sale
37 – 63 m2
37 – 63 m2 49 flats for sale
44 – 69 m2
44 – 69 m2 22 flats for sale
47 – 70 m2
47 – 70 m2 4 flats for sale
2 60 – 63 m2
60 – 63 m2 25 flats for sale
61 – 79 m2
61 – 79 m2 41 flat for sale
67 – 87 m2
67 – 87 m2 30 flats for sale
70 – 78 m2
70 – 78 m2 11 flats for sale
3 79 – 82 m2
79 – 82 m2 7 flats for sale
89 m2
89 m2 8 flats for sale
97 – 117 m2
97 – 117 m2 13 flats for sale
110 – 125 m2
110 – 125 m2 4 flats for sale
4 118 m2
118 m2 1 flat for sale
156 m2
156 m2 1 flat for sale
121 – 171 m2
121 – 171 m2 5 flats for sale
126 m2
126 m2 1 flat for sale
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