Modern public spaces

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Public spaces
We treat public spaces at home
with special attention, so they harmoniously complement
apartments as part of a whole.

In the “Dostizhenie” house, public spaces and an apartment also harmoniously complement each other as parts of a single organism.

The space of the landscaped courtyard is divided into zones for active and quiet relaxation with green corners for lovers of silence. And thanks to the variety of public spaces, everyone will find something interesting and suitable.

On an area of almost 2 hectares, a pedestrian boulevard and picturesque dale courtyard with a terraced slope on which meadow grasses, shrubs and many mature trees grow, were created. The unusual relief and modern landscaping of the courtyard continue the trends of European park art.
Dale courtyard with
quiet rest oases
When creating the dale courtyard, we thought about the comfort of residents of different ages. Therefore, secluded recreation areas are located at a distance from the playground, so that nothing distracts you from your favorite book, reflections and calm contemplation. Sip a coffee on the public lounge terrace, take a stroll around the pond, or go birdwatching on the comfortable bench. The courtyard has routes for a leisurely promenade - explore all corners of your own dale courtyard. This can be done comfortably even with a stroller, the climb is smooth, with the help of ramps.

Feel like you are at home as you walk along the cobbled paths, among the trees and flowering shrubs! The courtyard has separate areas for quiet and active recreation.

An amphitheater with a stage and stands is provided for holding social events and celebrations. In winter, a tall Christmas tree creates a festive atmosphere.

In each area of the courtyard, there are many benches, alcoves, decorative awnings and hammocks. There is a bicycle parking near each entrance. Wi-Fi is available throughout the park.

playground according
to KID'S LAB standard

A bright accent of the dale courtyard is a development playground designed according to the KID'S LAB standard specially for the "Dostizhenie" house. It has a complex geometry, reminiscent of a canyon, and combines a variety of elements for outdoor activities and the development of children of all ages - from slides and rope labyrinths, swings and climbing walls to unique sensory and sound mechanisms.

Children will be able to walk in the yard without their parents. The closed landscaped courtyard is safe: it is protected from strangers, there are no cars in it, security guards are on duty at the posts, and attentive concierges work at the entrances.

Children's activity
The "Dostizhenie" house has a children's activity room, created according to the KID'S LAB standard, where children will play in bad weather or celebrate noisy birthdays.
sq. meters
for children's

On an area of 250 sq. m everything is provided so that no child gets bored! For fans of active games, there is a slide with a height of more than 2 m., a rope way, an obstacle course, a climbing wall with a labyrinth.

If you don't feel like jumping and climbing anymore, the kids club has cozy hanging hammocks, a construction set, a business board and a tactile wall. You can draw on a slate wall or solve puzzles on a magnetic board - everyone can find something to their liking.

The club can hold educational workshops and lectures, scientific interactive activities, funny quests, games and trainings, or organize joint screenings of cartoons and films.

Kindergarten in the yard

In the courtyard of the house there is a private kindergarten with its own walking area, alcoves, slides, houses and swings, wooden fence. Now the only transport you need to take your child to the kindergarten is an elevator.

Public spaces at home include everything you need
for a comfortable life: own landscaped courtyard, considering interests
of residents of any age, bicycle parkings at each entrance, spacious
lobby and strollers, sports and playgrounds,
own fitness club and a unique public lounge for leisure
activities, meetings and events.

The public lounge will become an extension of your apartment and a favorite place for neighbors and friendships. Here you can hold master classes, organize parties or relax in the fresh air after a working day with a cup of an aromatic coffee.

The public lounge with a terrace in the courtyard of the "Dostizhenie" house has no analogues in any courtyard in Moscow. The lounge is the center of attraction, the main platform for meetings and communication of residents. The so-called third place after the first - home and the second - work. Relax here while the kids play in the nearby playground, chat with neighbors, celebrate holidays, hold events, or set up an outdoor workspace. The lounge is located next to the children's room and the KID'S LAB playground, so you can watch your children play over a cup of tea.
sports ground

The multifunctional sports ground is designed for basketball, minifootball, volleyball and badminton.

Next to it there is a workout area with exercise machines for all muscle groups and a parkour area.

You are not afraid of the vagaries of the weather. If it rains, continue your workout in the free, residents-only fitness club, which is just around the corner.

Own fitness club for the
residents of the house
Чтобы заняться спортом, достаточно спуститься на первый этаж. В фитнес‑зале установлены современные тренажеры на каждую группу мышц. Есть кардиозона с беговыми дорожками, велотренажерами и эллипсами, зона силовых тренажеров, а также место для занятий йогой, стретчингом и хореографией.
Work out on your own or with a personal trainer. If the weather is good outside, you can combine indoor workouts with outdoor activities on the backyard sports ground.


For the convenience of residents, a supermarket has been designed in the house "Dostizhenie". It is conveniently located and equipped with the necessary modern communications - residents of the house will be able to appreciate the range of one of the leading chain stores of Moscow.

Everything for children of all ages