About Sminex-Inteco

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About Sminex-Inteco

Sminex-Inteco possesses a 22 years’ experience in construction of residential and commercial real estate.

Inteco has started operating in real estate development in 2001. Sminex was founded in 2007. Over this course of time, the companies have implemented over 100 projects, with an area of 7.7 mln sq. m.

In 2022 Sminex acquired Inteco. This enabled combining the extensive experience in constructing building and tried-and-tested technologies. Nowadays Sminex is applying its approach to creating the most convenient and prestigious environment in new projects of its portfolio.

Sminex-Inteco considers buildings and services as seen by the customers. The company’s priority is the way a person feels in houses constructed by it. It is passionate about every single element and thinks over even the smallest details. The company's products are distinguished by the top configuration and often surpass competitors’ solutions.
Sminex-Inteco creates comfortable and prestigious environment.
It is concerned about customers’ comfort at every stage: when selecting an object, during the period of purchasing and waiting for the keys, as well as at the stage of residing and working in erected buildings.
Sminex-Inteco projects are created in accordance with the company's standards. They include: KID’S LAB developing spaces for children, FIT LAB’s great healthy lifestyle infrastructure, public lounges, and FRIEND’S LAB neighborhood standards. Spacious green courtyards, luxurious lobbies, comfortable parking lots, the most complete comfort systems and thoughtful layouts are provided in the buildings.

The company entrusts Sminex Comfort Service to maintain the constructed buildings. It offers five-star hotel service to residents and maintains the original look and concept of the houses to ensure that everything looks and operates as promised to customers.