Comfort systems

The most complete comfort systems
The comfort of residents is provided by a full complex
comfort system. The house uses modern
technologies previously available in elite
residential projects in Moscow.
Everything is thought out
to the smallest detail.
The house has air filtration and ventilation systems, water purification, well-designed points for placing external air conditioners in order to preserve the architectural appearance of the house. Your own boiler room will provide you with hot water all year round. Thanks to the combination of forced supply and exhaust ventilation, the air in the apartment is renewed every hour, and in the cold season it heats up before entering the apartment.
We have made sure that your apartment has a comfortable microclimate and provided the central supply and exhaust ventilation. Before entering your apartment, the supply air is cleaned. In the cold season, the air is also additionally heated to a comfortable temperature.
Thoughtful preparation for air conditioning will help to preserve the beauty of the facades: a special split shaft is provided for the external units of air conditioners. All communications are already connected to your apartment.
For your comfort, we have provided a central forced ventilation system with heating and two-level air filtration. This ensures its constant circulation and cleaning of foreign odors, dust and pollen. Your apartment will have fresh air and comfortable temperature at any time of the year - you will not be afraid of winter cold and summer stuffiness.
High-speed premium-class elevators are installed in the entrances, which will take you and your guests to the two-level underground parking or in the entrance hall in a moment, the waiting time will not exceed 1 minute. There is also a freight elevator at each entrance of the house.
The house has a central water purification system to the drinking level. Your tap always inlets water equivalent in quality to bottled water, so taking a shower or bath will not only be pleasant, but also beneficial for your health.
Thanks to the communal heater, all apartments will have hot water all year round. You don't have to install individual appliances. We made sure that you spend your time comfortably at home.
Building Management System (BMS) manages the comfort systems in the house. This is a system that collects data from all engineering systems, ensures their optimal operation and informs the dispatcher about deviations. This eliminates the human factor and unexpected failures. BMS areas of responsibility are electricity and water supply, lighting, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, firefighting, telecommunications, security. These solutions are developed by experts in the field of automation of engineering systems. Sminex has been using them in all of its buildings for over 10 years.
An example of BMS operation: the air conditioning system independently maintains the optimal temperature and level of air freshness in the building, taking into account weather conditions. At the same time, the system saves energy all the time.
Park easily
parking slots
in the possession
of the residents

Comfortable parking is located on two underground floors of the "Dostizhenie" house. It is easy to drive a car of any class thanks to carefully thought-out planning of parking slots and navigation. The entrance to the parking area is organized using a remote access control system.


and safety
The territory of the house
is closed from strangers
The territory of the house "Dostizhenie" is closed from outsiders, in addition, an advanced security system is provided:
  • round-the-clock security;
  • system of automatic identification and admission of cars to the parking;
  • video surveillance system for the playground, to which you can connect remotely;
  • system of access control to the territory of the house;
  • video surveillance system for the territory and public areas;
  • guards at posts and attentive concierges.
The sense of security is the foundation of a comfortable life. We made sure so
that the house "Dostizhenie" was an oasis of tranquility for its residents.
The territory of the house is fenced, so the dale courtyard without cars is an ideal
space for relaxation and entertainment. On the playground there are
camcorders to which you can connect through a special
app and watch your kids play.
Premium Service
High level service

Our Comfort Service works according to the Sminex Premium Service standard, which includes a wide range of services for owners, high customer care and preservation of the built houses concept.

Sminex Comfort Service are professionals in the management of premium residential and commercial real estate with over 10 years of experience. A team of 310 specialists takes care of comfort environment in your house every day.


Thanks to the “all services at one place” principle, even complex tasks can be easily solved. Attentive concierges are ready to help the residents with any questions they may have on a daily basis.

The Comfort Service mobile application will allow you to forget about paper formalities. It can be used to contact the concierge, view monthly reports, pay for services and track the status of requests.

Residents always know what constitutes the cost of the services for which they pay, because the Sminex Comfort Service operates on an “open book” principle and publishes detailed calculations of the cost of operating services. Together with the keys to the apartment, the owners receive detailed instructions to the house, which contains everything that will make life comfortable: rules of residence, description of comfort systems, information about the project, services and necessary contacts.

Quick solution of

Any issue related to the residency will be solved as quickly as possible thanks to the detailed knowledge of the house by the Service's specialists and its own facilities and resources. An emergency brigade and a dispatch service work around the clock in each house.

The Sminex Premium Service standard is based on clear business processes and quality control system that includes the service level agreement. It regulates the terms for resolving issues by the Comfort Service.


For the professionals of the Comfort Service, sky is the limit. Each specialist meets the requirements of the Sminex Premium Service standard. When selecting employees, candidates go through three stages of interviews, including security checks. Then they study at the training center and undergo regular certification.

Premium range of services
Sminex Base —
basic services
Sminex Base includes a set of services included in the building management payment, so that from the first minutes of their stay in the house, residents feel surrounded by care:
  • a concierge with a convenient working hour 24/7;
  • washing of public spaces glazing by industrial climbers;
  • round-the-clock dispatching service;
  • Wi-Fi in the lobby and in the courtyard;
  • trolleys for the transportation of goods from the parking lot to the apartment;
  • organization of festive events for residents;
  • service of lobby bar, fitness, kids club KID'S LAB in accordance with the project;
  • connection to CCTV cameras on the territory.
Sminex Plus —
additional services

Sminex Plus offers an expanded set of services that are in demand in premium projects, which is confirmed by Sminex research. The list of options is regularly updated.

The comfort service is responsible for the quality of the services provided, therefore it works only with highly qualified specialists and trusted contractors.

  • corporate delivery of drinking water;
  • seasonal storage of bulky items;
  • dry cleaning services;
  • courier service;
  • freight transportation services.
  • services of plumber, electrician, carpenter;
  • operation of internal engineering systems;
  • cleaning of any complexity, including cleaning of dust and snow on terraces;
  • washing windows by industrial climbers.
  • seasonal tire fitting;
  • seasonal wheels storage.
Taking care of the house
and concept development

Sminex is proud of the completed projects! To ensure that they remain as comfortable as they were originally intended, the company takes care of them even after the sale is complete.

The comfort service regulates the smooth operation of all functional areas of projects, maintains landscaping of courtyards and preserves the architectural appearance of houses.

The service regularly improves the concept of projects, so your house will always meet the modern requirements of premium housing and you can enjoy absolute comfort.
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